A lean management team ensures the company is competitive, agile and responsive to the marketplace. The collective backgrounds, experiences and expertise deliver an overall vision that shapes company strategy, fosters constant innovation and seamless execution of every client project. A collaborative environment, versus top down, guarantees the contributions of each Adroitsquare team member are valued and leveraged to strengthen the company as a whole. In sum, an unwavering collective focus on client success is what makes partnering with Adroitsquare an easy decision that pays huge dividends.
Chairman & CEO
Dinesh Kummar

As Chairman and CEO, Dinesh sets and spearheads the company's vision and direction in driving its strategic objectives. He is focused on building an integrated, best- in- class company that provides Adroitsquare's clients a long-term sustainable advantage. Dinesh has more than 26 years of senior management experience in steering companies in diverse industries across functional areas including business process re-engineering, post-merger integration, change management and client relations.

Head of Operations
Vijay Mali

As Head of Operations, Vijay drives overall Operations and Client Management. With 15+ years of overall experience in Operations, Project Management, and Business Process Improvement, his expertise and domain knowledge spreads across various industries. He has hands-on experience throughout the entire business cycle from Client Management, Production, Service Delivery, and Team Management. He plays a vital role in optimizing the resources of the organization and meeting service-level agreements that foster stronger client relationships.


As Director of Sales & Marketing, Jon leads the sales and marketing efforts in addition to contributing to branding, messaging, collateral, and website development as well as writing/content development. Over the course of 25 years or so, Jon has owned a publishing/ad agency operation, possesses a decade in high tech with such mega-corporations as Bell Canada and AT&T, launched several start-ups, completed numerous turnarounds and a host of other experiences.