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Digital Prepress Services

Whether files will go to press or be viewed online, expertise and excruciating attention to detail are paramount to your success. In today’s attention economy, when marketing expenditures for everything from billboards, packaging, collateral materials, trade shows, vehicle wraps, and everything Internet are increasingly more expensive — just “okay” doesn’t cut it! Every graphic design must be vibrant, crisp, and alluring, or your marketing materials & branding efforts will not reach maximum ROI.

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The prepress team at Adroitsquare has decades under their belt in the printing industry and everything online. We even do video editing for short clips, animation, and a host of additional web-based productions to capture and enthrall website visitors. Our Services include:

  • Preflight And Color-Profiles Management – artwork editing/ image retouching /color correction.
  • Electronic Art Prep/Rendering/Correction
  • Special Effects
  • Indexing (Digital Asset Management)
  • Digital Conversion – Analog Content and Design Files Into Digital Formats
  • Focal Point Enhancement
  • Typesetting
  • InDesign Template Creation
  • Design Size Adaptation
  • Digital Photo Creating
  • Background Removal/Cut-Outs/Drop Shadowing
  • Image Enhancement/Editing/Retouching/Merging
  • Resolution Enhancement
  • Clipping Paths/Masking
  • Color Correction/Matching/ReColoring
  • Image Retouching
  • Vectorizing Services
  • 360 Photo Editing
  • E-Commerce Photo Editing
  • Animation
  • Video Editing Services
  • Illustration

Our Work

Why Adroitsquare?

At Adroitsquare, our dedicated team of tacticians excels in providing a wide range of prepress services, including print preparation, graphic design, artwork editing, image retouching, color correction, proofing, and file optimization. With over 15 years in the printing industry, we understand printers’ pain points. Our objective with print or web files is to get it right the first time; otherwise, jobs are stalled, and efficiencies are retarded. Partnering with Adroitsquare ensures operational success.

From SME printing operations to mega-printing and publishing operations worldwide, including ad agencies, packaging operations, and a host of other types of business operations, Adroitsquare delivers. Even better, we typically do it overnight and have the files back to you the next day via our 24/7 design and prepress center. What could be better than excellent customer service, brilliant execution, and speedy turnaround? Try pricing that almost no one else in the industry can touch . . . so phenomenal that we guard our pricing figures by only releasing them to vetted prospects. We engage in ad-hoc projects and offer hourly pricing [half-hour minimums] or Full-Time options to meet our client’s long-term needs.