12 Sept, 2023
Are You Leaving Advertising Revenues on the Table?

The answer to that question is almost a certain “yes” if you head a daily, weekly, or monthly publication dependent upon local retail advertising revenues....

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1 June, 2023
Turnover - Stop Kicking The Can Down The Road

Personnel “turnover” on a design team can’t be addressed until it happens, right? In a literal sense, that is true, but in reality, viewing turnover that way is short-sighted and extre...

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16 May, 2023
A Shoutout To The Attendees Of The 2023 ACP Trade Show

As a first-time exhibitor at the annual trade show, we at Adroitsquare would like to say thanks to the Association of Community Publishers (ACP) for putting on a great event and to attendees...

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20 Apr, 2023
How To Get On Page One In Search Ranking

It's Simple: Time, Effort, Budget, and Expertise. However, getting a website to rank on page one is virtually impossible without all four. The mix and extent ........

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1 Apr, 2023
Change Is The Lifeblood Of Newspapers

The earliest versions focused on events, assemblies, births, deaths, and daily gossip and, eventually, incorporated politics and military conflicts. While all those interests are still ......

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