A Shoutout To The Attendees Of The 2023 ACP Trade Show

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A Shoutout To The Attendees Of The 2023 ACP Trade Show
Post on 16 May, 2023

Patricia Abraham, winner of a Cosori Coffee Warmer & Stainless Steel Mug Set at the 2023 ACP trade show pictured along with Jon Latta, Adroitsquare Director of Sales and Marketing.

As a first-time exhibitor at the annual trade show, we at Adroitsquare would like to say thanks to the Association of Community Publishers (ACP) for putting on a great event and to attendees for making us feel welcome.

For our readership that are unfamiliar with ACP, the organization represents community publications from coast to coast, reaching millions of homes on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. These publications are united in providing the best advertising coverage to their clients and valuable advertising information to their strong and loyal readership base.

This year’s event was held in Charlotte, NC. The theme was “Life in the Fast Lane”, playing upon Charlotte NC’s deep NASCAR heritage, and the pace certainly didn’t disappoint. There was something for everyone, attendees, and exhibitors alike. Great speakers, breakout sessions and best of all getting to know attendees during exhibit time, along with wonderful food and after hours mingling. If you are one of those that put on a couple more pounds, join the crowd!

From Bridgette Stewart, publisher of the Seneca County Area Shopper in Ovid, NY to Michael Vanstry, publisher of the Coastal View News on the west coast in Carpinteria, CA, we met attendees from all points in between. Just as no two communities are alike, no two publications are alike, fascinating from both a design and content perspective as well as a wide array of advertising looks and approaches.

All in all, from what we heard, community publications appear to be thriving. None more so than Panorama’s two publications, one in Columbia, SC and one in Charleston. A family affair run by Nate and Patricia Abraham, whose son, Nathaniel Abrahamn III (named a “rising star” by ACP during this year’s event) is part of the business as well.

The Adroitsqure value proposition of world-class design, opportunities to create new revenue streams and slashed costs, although not a fit every organization of course, was well received overall. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversations we began at the show as well as with the attendees we have heard from thus far upon returning home.

One thing is for sure, we don’t know where next year’s event will be held, but Adroitsquare will be there wherever it may be. We’re hoping it’s Hawaii . . .

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