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Cut Ad Production Costs, Boost Advertisers' ROI

Happy advertisers come back for more in the newspaper and magazine business; thus, increasing their ROI with brilliantly conceived and executed ads is a clear “win.” The value proposition is a homerun when coupled with reducing ad production costs by 40 to 60% with Adroitsquare.

While print and digital newspaper and magazine ads continue to be instrumental in helping businesses reach target audiences cost-effectively, the competition for ad dollars is fierce. New combatants outside the industry are eating an ever-greater share of the traditional revenue pie. In such a competitive marketplace, you either “compete and win” or die. Winning requires constant innovation, experimentation, measuring, and retooling.

Traditionally utilized to promote products, services, and events — new ad types and innovations are being conceived and delivered daily. Adroitsquare is always on the cusp of everything new and innovative because we have to be — otherwise, our value proposition is compromised.

Digital ads, animation, and video are just the starting point for the innovations available, including everything Internet-based, mobile landing pages, and social media ads. Whether you are seeking turn-key pagination/design or ad production — reach out today, and let’s get the conversation started!

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Proprietary Platform to Facilitate Ad Production

AdBookPlus has been developed to address the unique workflow needs of the newspaper and magazine industry. Our sophisticated web-based platform, AdBookPlus, is accessible anytime, anywhere. It is constantly being enhanced and updated based on user feedback. Take a quick tour of AdBookPlus for a high-level overview, and a detailed demo is AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

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Why Adroitsquare?

Adroitsquare is your one-stop solution for all your creative needs. Adroitsquare provides a complete bouquet of services, including print/digital Ads/GIFs, pagination, & website development. The world-class design team at Adroitsquare understands the differences between print and digital ads, offering a much more dynamic and visually rich medium for engagement. Special editions and magazines requiring visually appealing cover treatments are right up our alley. While we manage the end-to-end deliverables for many community newspapers & magazines, the teams are available to help address overflow, seasonal demand, and uninformed absenteeism. Our platform can track and manage the daily workflow, ensuring a smooth transition. There are no set-up costs or minimum volume demands, and the transparent/competitive pricing provides a sustainable advantage.

Commonly Asked Questions
The types of newspaper ads include classified ads, display ads, public notices, obituaries, and special sections. Classified ads are typically short, direct, and to the point, while display ads are larger and more creative. Public notices are used to inform the public of important information such as upcoming meetings or events. Obituaries are used to announce the death of someone and provide details about their life. Special sections are typically large, full-page ads that feature a company or product.
To make the newspaper readable and well-organized, pagination is required. With pagination, the newspaper's ads, stories, and other content are logically divided into separate pages or sections. This makes it simple for readers to navigate the newspaper and locate the information they need. A newspaper's pagination process entails dividing the text into pages and selecting where to place each piece. Usually, a page layout software like InDesign or QuarkXPress is used for this, where the material is organized into columns and the page is separated into sections. Following the placement of the content, the headlines, stories, images, and other elements are sized and placed to fit the page. Page numbers, headings, and other components will also be added by the paginator as necessary.
Each community has reason to celebrate, and the special editions provide a unique way of capturing and celebrating them. Adroitsquare can work with your teams to build these special editions taking care of all the creative needs and providing a remarkable ROI for their investment.
With the shift to digital ways and aggregation in a fragmented industry, it is imperative, that companies explore all available technology and shared services solutions to remain competitive by augmenting revenue and adapting competitive cost models. The need of the hour is to concentrate on growing the core businesses without the hassles of the day-to-day management of the teams. The cost-effective dedicated team of trained design professionals can prepare visually appealing ads to address print and digital needs and draw the attention of potential customers.